Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dark Night Stitching

What to do in an evening when there is no power and the heat is slipping in your open windows like a relative you never wanted to see again? I've been reading a lot of the magazines on the ottoman, polishing off roughly 2 a week. I think I've cut the pile by a third since the beginning of the year. I finished a book (review upcoming). I just didn't want to read. The girls and I sat looking at each other for many minutes after I returned from Pam's and dropping off my perishables. It was 8. It was still light outside. I knew going to bed would mean I'd be up from probably midnight to 4 a.m. and beyond tired Monday afternoon. I hauled out the cross-stitch.

Now that might seem rather silly. There's no light except for what dribbles through the windows. Pam loaned me a battery-operated lantern they have. I set that up next to me and started stitching.

This is a couple hours of work, mostly in the dark by the light of a small lantern. The girls were stretched out on the floor, where it really was cooler. I did fine. I noticed that the noises of the city were diminished. What I heard coming through the open windows, was the sound of night insects; buzzes, chirps and hums. Of course, without power, people have fled their homes, if they have friends or family to stay with or can afford a hotel room. If they don't, they are moving about minimally because it's hot. There was little street traffic. In spite of the reason we were all in the dark, it was rather peaceful.

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