Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still Growing

On Sunday, I watered my deck flowers before leaving for the movie. They are growing very well.

I need just a few more to fill out that planter at the top and this one by the side of the deck as you climb the stairs. The 'shrooms are back and I've found them in another pot so it's something in the potting mix.

I figure plants will be heavily marked down at the hardware store this weekend and I get get some good deals. They will be straggly but a judicious pruning will save them. The geraniums are blooming so now begins the process of keeping them deadheaded.

All the flowers weathered the storm very well. No pots were tipped over although this giant plant, which is a zinnia, in the mixed flower pot needs to be transplanted to make room for the others. It was beaten down.

The heat is supposed to back off a bit this coming weekend. Perhaps I can get the deck chairs washed and more flowers added.

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