Friday, July 27, 2012


There are times I sit back and marvel at how this thing we call the "Internet" connects us. I usually think about these things when my computer takes 5 minutes to upload something or the power is out, yet again, or a friend posts a comment on Facebook and I have no idea to what it's referring. If you live on the North American continent, 95% of us are descended from someone who willingly or unwillingly, let's be real about that, left their home and came here. Some families have come recently. Some, like mine, arrived in 1842. Some date back to the 1600's. I've pondered how much guts it took to willingly leave everything you knew behind; leave your home with the knowledge that communication with mom and dad, brother and sister, friend and cousin, would probably cease. We take that mailman's delivery for granted, but that wasn't a given back in 1842. How many letters went down to the depths of the sea when a ship was lost?

So, this ability to type something, press a button and send my words into the ether is something of a novelty in human history. While we are so used to this marvel, we forget that it wasn't the way our ancestors communicated.

And yet...

This is a post about how this instantaneous communication connects people. In the previous post, you can see that I won a couple of porcelain bowls from a potter in Portugal. After I wrote that, I took some time to scroll through the blogs I routinely read looking for new posts. Michele Made Me had a new post. Oh heavenly days! It's about a comment I posted to a previous entry. The post for today has me laughing and looking at the weather forecast. Will I be able to go puddle stomping this weekend? It does not look likely but it does appear the weather will be perfect for breakfasts out on the deck. This is good too.

Now, Michele is Canadian. I would never have "met" her were it not for this Internet. Our paths probably will never physically cross, but I feel connected via a simple blog post.

Here's to the friends I've made via pixels and 1's and 0's. If our physical paths never cross know that you have enlightened me, helped me through tough times and made me laugh.

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