Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That's a Lot

The next step in the cat Christmas banner is to get the backing material and sorting through the boxes to see if I have quilt batting. I think this would look so cute if it was quilted to festive fabric with bright trim all around it. I probably have, somewhere, the appropriate fabric in one of the boxes.

I decided my task would be to empty the boxes and reorganize all the fabric. There would be a box for the scraps, for that "someday" quilt, as in "someday, I'm going to make a quilt out of all these scraps". Then I could organize the other fabric by kind or color or amount or something. All the interfacing pieces would go in another box and the bags of stuffing in yet a third. All the boxes would be labeled so I could see, at a glance, whether I have blue fabric anywhere and maybe that box of trims could go inside the box with the interfacings. Ooooh, organization! Since I would be using boxes I purloined from the office which originally held paper, they would all be the same size and would, therefore, stack very nicely in the closet. Mija's been enjoying the flat surface of one box I put in there.

Well, step one in this grand master plan is to clear off the table in the living room. So, let's see. Bill. Bill. Bill. Those go in the office to be paid. (I did that on Sunday.) Half-finished magazine. Sit down and read the rest. Chuck happily into the recycling bin. Rebate information for the wasp spray. That needs to be stuck to the fridge so I can find it. A couple of letters that need to be answered. Into my bag with my stationary so I can find them when I sit down to write.

Now, what's left are the CDs and the CD holder. I've been listening to my music as I travel about and it's time to match up the CDs with the cases and see what's left to listen to.

I kept two stacks of cases on the desk in the office behind my computer. Occasionally, I would blow the dust off the top one but it was, pretty much, just a storage spot. "You know," I would tell myself about every 6-8 weeks, "you should sort through this and match up what's in the holder with what you have here." Like the angel and the devil on your shoulder, one side would say, "That's a great idea" while the other side would say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." You can guess which one usually won that conversation. 

But the need to have a large empty work space won out this time and I moved the giant stack of CD cases to the table to match up with my CDs. (Oh the dust! Man. I had to shake out the dust rag twice, after I moved the stacks.) In the photo above left is Old Blind Dogs Play Live, middle is OBD Close to the Bone, upper right is The Best of the Nat King Cole Trio. I can't tell what the bottom left is. The middle left is Benny Goodman, Best of the Yale Archives, 1936-86 Disc 2, middle right is Preservation Hall Jazz Band Volume 2 and far right is Classical Cats, a Selection of Classical Music with Cats in Mind.  

Once I matched everything up and made sure that the CDs left in the case to be listened to had cases in the stack, I put the filled cases in my CD rack. I have two of them. One is one of those little spinner type things. It's got 4 sides and you spin it to get the CD you want. But, that was not going to hold my collection so I bought this many years ago. 

As you can see, it's almost filled. CDs aren't in any particular order other than the bottom left has non-jazz, non-classical items, such as my Beach Boys Greatest Hits  Manhattan Transfer's Christmas Album, Sons of the Pioneers Greatest Hits, etc. The bottom right has a few of my classical CDs. I have another CD holder that sits on top of something. It's two levels and I have most of the rest of my classical CDs and most of the rest of my Christmas CDs in that. It currently sits in a box. There's really no rhyme or reason to the jazz CDs here. I should come up with something like vocal on one side, instrumental on the other and group all the ones I have by the same artist together. Those are projects for another time.

I wound up with four CDs missing their official cases. I found a bunch of empty cases from a batch I bought some time ago so I had cases and didn't have to get more. I also found 3 cases without the matching CD. They have to be somewhere in the house. I just haven't found that pile. Plus, I found that CD I need to replace because it got soda spilled on it. I wiped it off, but it's never been the same since. I hope I can find it. It's rather obscure. And I found a couple CD's I've never taken out of the packaging. How did that happen?

And that causes me to think about replacing the cassettes I have in another spinner. I have some really good music on cassette that I'd love to have on CD. No no. Not in the budget.

What you can't see is the stack on the back edge of the cedar chest. It's about half as tall as this CD holder. I guess I need another tall CD tower for organization. The problem is, I need space to put another CD tower. That means finally sitting down and dealing with all the stuff sitting on top of the table to my right in the office. I can hear those two on my shoulder arguing. "Just do it. You have been meaning to for years." "Yeah, yeah, yeah." 

Avoidance of the task is an option. I think I'll order pizza. 

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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