Sunday, January 16, 2011


The phone bills provide me with monthly stress. They come due at a time of the month when what's available won't always cover what's being charged.

I get two bills. AT&T provides my Internet and local phone service. I have a land line, and understand, it's what I want, and DSL. If I were to go to cell service only, I would probably have more choices in phone service, but AT&T seems to provide the only land line service available. There was a time when others tried to compete, but they withdrew. Plus, I don't want three separate bills nor do I want "bundled" service that includes cable TV which I will not watch. It's not that I boycott TV, as appealing as that is sometimes. I just don't watch TV so why pay for a service I don't use?

Anyway, this is my long-distance bill for December. Now, the company that provides my long-distance is very inexpensive and provides very good service. When I call them, I get a live person. I've had to call them, in the, probably 10+ years I've had them, exactly 3 times. The company is Working Assets. My friend, Melody Eastman, suggested I look into them. I have been so very pleased with them over the years.

I have no idea how the bill came to be a whole 67 cents. I know I was late with November's bill, thanks to the alternator mess so I must have overpaid. While that's probably not a good payment strategy when one is trying to reign in expenditures, this month, it worked in my favor.

What's also unbelievable is that I will pay this online, quickly and easily. Carole has probably fainted. "My mom is living in the 21st Century?"


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