Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gorgeously Green

This religious celebration of Carole and David's wedding is coming together.

Back in November, I drove to Connecticut so I could watch my daughter try on wedding dresses. Her matron of honor, a bridesmaid and I spent 2 hours helping her. We found one that was incredibly beautiful and fit her perfectly, but it was a 'princess' dress with a very full skirt and lots of tulle and ruffles. While she looked good, it wasn't Carole. She tried on her 2nd favorite and that was it. It was perfect. As David has agreed not to ask about it or try to find photos of it, I won't be posting any photo of it. I can, however, post about the bridesmaids dresses.

Their colors are shamrock green and pearl. Her matron of honor tried on a few dresses and, just like the wedding dress, Carole wound up liking her 2nd selection better than her first. Well, the matron of honor announced she is expecting. She and her husband have wanted a 2nd child so they are thrilled as is everyone else. But it meant changing the bridesmaid's dresses as the original dress was fitted.

Carole chose this one. It will look good on the variety of sizes that are her bridesmaids. This is the color of green they will be using. This is elegant enough that it could pass as an evening dress somewhere down the line. As with a lot of brides, Carole wants something her attendants might actually wear a second time. I think there is something about bridesmaids dresses that no matter how carefully you choose something with additional wear potential, they are relegated to a back corner of a closet and dragged out when your daughter gets to be 6 and she wants dress-up clothes. It's just the nature of the event and the dress.

So, with this decision made, I need to start the process of considering my dress. Carole's wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses are from Alfred Angelo Bridal. They have a wide selection and the dresses come in a wide variety of colors. I looked through the mother-of-the-bride (that's still kind of hard to accept) dresses. These three have potential.

I would match, exactly, the color of the bridesmaids by going with something from the same store. The problem is the cost, $500, $300 and $400, respectively. These really are one-use dresses and I just can't justify spending that kind of money for something I will wear from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, May 21. 

The other options are to try to find something off the rack or sew something. I'm liking the notion of sewing my dress. I like the dress on the far right the best. I think I'd like the him just a bit below the knee. I like the green they have selected. I look good in that color of green. 

It was suggested I have Alfred Angelo send me fabric in the green color. I've had experience with doing that and the fabric is just as expensive as the dress. So I'm thinking I just need a trip to a fabric store to see what's available.

Mr friend, Pam, has insisted and I'm not going to say, "No" that she help me pick out the dress or, at the very least, the material to make the dress. I'm thinking I probably need a trip to a fabric store to see what kind of patterns are available and what I could be spending for materials to make a dress. I have ideas. Can I turn those ideas into a workable dress? Will this cost me an arm and a leg? 

So, now that this is done, it's up to me to select what I'm going to wear so David's mom can select her outfit. I haven't had a new dress since my mom's 70th birthday party. This will be interesting. 

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