Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was depressing.

Yesterday, Pam and I headed into the grand world of retail to start the process of finding me a dress to wear to Carole and David's wedding. (I'm going to call it a wedding even though they are married because it's just easier.) I had an idea in my head, a vision of what I thought I wanted. In a previous entry, I posted photos from the Alfred Angelo web site, showing Mother-of-the-Bride dresses which could come in exactly the same green as the bridesmaid's dresses. 

That's really not what I wanted. It's not my day. The day "belongs", if you will, to Carole and David. I'm there as their guest and, although I have a huge tie to the day, it wouldn't be good to dress like the attendants. I think Miss Manners would be shocked and/or aghast. But, those dresses I liked were the foundation for the search.

Should we go to a fabric store first or go to ready-made? I decided to try to find something ready-made, for no other reason that to see if a certain cut would look good on me. Off to Oakbrook Center and Macy's.

To say it was depressing is a huge understatement. Are we too early in finding spring wear? I know Easter is late this year, but there was nothing, nothing, on the racks for "mature" women. Macy's, Von Maur, JC Penney. A lot of stuff on sale but nothing that was even remotely useful. If I was age 2, I could find all sorts of spring dresses. At age 54, my choices were limited to black, periwinkle or plum. Not for a wedding in May.

I know it's just me but some things defied description.  Someone, somewhere thinks this is gorgeous. No, it wasn't even gorgeous when it first came out in 1963.

Need to be seen when walking somewhere. I have the perfect sweater or jacket for you.

The jacket was so red, my camera couldn't capture its true red-ness. Trust me on this. I love bright colors. I like red, but, ouch.

In my mind's eye, I saw a jacket, maybe solid color, over a simple sheath in a green floral. This would compliment the wedding party. Or, if I could find an unusual jacket, I could go with a solid color simple dress, "A" line or princess styling. This is a hugely important day but I really didn't want to spend a ton of money since I don't have a lot to start with. The last time I bought a dress was when my mother turned 70, 5 years ago. I just don't wear dresses. I have no place I go that requires a dress.

Oh look, Pam! Here's something in a green sort-of floral.

What are people wearing on their winter cruises? I remember, in years past, flowery prints and patterns in light-weight fabrics could be found at this time of year. I must have missed the memo on how we are all dressing in black and eschewing color for any celebration.

"I bet you could find something online." That's not the point. I want to check fit and whether the color looks good on me and I DON'T want to have to send it back. That is beyond annoying. I want to get it right the first time, even if that involves multiple trips to various locations over a number of Saturdays.

So, we headed off to lunch feeling quite defeated. I guess I'm showing my age. Other than saying, "Oh my god. Who wears this stuff?" and ruling out ruching and jersey knit, we accomplished nothing in the morning.

I did find something I would wear, just not to a wedding. Oh yeah. I would wear this jacket. Loud, crazy, unique, yup. It's a great spring and fall jacket.

But, it was not on sale and I won't pay $250 for a jacket not even one this cool.

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