Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Hiatus

(Thanks to Jessie for suggesting this topic. I'd hit a small bump in trying to come up with a topic to stay on theme.What I had originally planned to write about, I'd already done.)

This is the long section of the year. We've come through 2 very "people" intensive holidays and it will April 24th before there is another 'official' people holiday. Easter is quite late this year.

Unofficially, the next 'holiday' is Valentines Day. Bah humbug, to purloin a phrase. Please understand, here. I'm not fishing to be inundated with chocolate and cards. I would feel worse because it would appear, to me, you sent something because I made you feel guilty. It's not a "gift" if the giver feels they have to give it. I like sending cards so, if the finances permit it, I will get Valentine's cards and send them out.

I haven't seen any ads pushing gifts, yet. I think they come out on or about January 14th. HORRORS! You have ONLY a month to think about dropping $1,682 on that necklace your girlfriend wanted at Christmas but you got her the fuzzy slippers and bathrobe that she really uses. I know the Valentine candy and cards are out, if the shilling for gifts hasn't begun.

But it kind of feels like a manufactured holiday. When I was a girl and feel free to roll your eyes because I won't see that, Valentine's Day consisted of small tokens of affection. We spent the day before the class party signing our names to small Valentines and making sure we had one for everyone in the class. I kind of wished I'd have saved some of those. They were, looking back, rather humorous. There was a party where you opened your Valentines and ate punch and cookies. When we got home, dad had purchased Coke, in bottles, and mom had made something fun. We never got presents from our parents. If dad got mom anything, it was a card. Simple.

Now, it's a full blown "I'm offended if we don't go to dinner and you don't spend scads of money on me" holiday. In living through a crumbling marriage, I see now where this holiday because a cause for resentment. I don't want to spend money on someone I no longer care about yet the dictates of the holiday make me feel like a Scrooge for not doing so. Bah humbug.

Maybe I've just learned that it's not what is handed out on February 14th that counts. It's not about the jewelry or the chocolate or the fancy dinner. It's about caring all year 'round. Again, if I have the cash, I'll be sending cards. I like to do that. It makes me feel good and I've not been good about letting my friends and family know I value them. But you don't have to send me a card because I've posted something here about being alone on what is a "couples" holiday. You should send me a card because you think I'd like that, which I would, and because you want to. Isn't that the way all gift giving should be?

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