Monday, January 10, 2011


Look! Another three letters are ready to be mailed tomorrow. Yes, that's right. I said "another". I dropped 7 letters in the mailbox today. I have more to write but I was so proud of myself for getting this far, I felt like bragging.

I don't really have an excuse not to write a small note to my friends this year. My friends, Patt and Terry sent me note cards, small enough for a quick note that says, "Yes, I think about you. I'm fine. How are you?" Each of them made their note cards. How can I not use them?

I have stamps. I've been working through the bag of stamps Carole and I collected over the years but are not going to save. I just need to spend $4.00 for a couple sheets of 10 cent stamps and I'm good to go. I have no real excuse other than the blahs and not wanting to write.

But, I'm telling myself, reminding me, really, how much I enjoy dashing off a few quick paragraphs. It prompts people to remain in touch. This month, at least, I am accomplishing one of my resolutions.

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