Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding the Future

The final pieces of the future came yesterday. I received some money for Christmas and I used a bit of it to buy calendars. The last 2 I was waiting on arrived.

Here's the batch. I put a calendar in the kitchen. For the last 3 years, it's been a Scottish landscape calendar. This year, my friend, Patt, sent the chocolate calendar. Of course that HAS to go in the kitchen.

I have had a Simpsons wall calendar in the home office since they started producing Simpsons wall calendars.

In my bedroom, I have the scenic Iowa calendar. I've had cat calendars, flower calendars, other scenic calendars in the bedroom. Usually, that's the room where I put the gift calendars so I see them every day.

Last year, I was given a page-a-day World of Warcraft calender. I liked it a lot so I got this year's which features trivia questions. As of January 4th, I am 3 out of 4 for knowing WoW trivia. The World of Warcraft wall calendar goes to the office. I used to get this calendar that had photos of jazz greats, but that doesn't seem to be made anymore.

In years past, I would take an hour and write birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar. But, over the last 3 years, I got away from that, figuring my memory would suffice. And we all know how well that's working out. So, last night, I sat down and wrote on every calendar except the WoW one, birthdays and anniversaries. I am sure I forgot someone but once I know what it is, it will be entered on the calendar. Will this help me remember? Yes, but then I have to get the card in the mail. That can be the problem.

I took a lot of pride in my ability to remember people's birthdays and anniversaries. I have fallen out of practice in recognizing these dates. I'm going to try, this year, to be better about getting a card in the mail and send the card solo, if necessary, rather than wait for the accompanying letter. I may be too tired to write a letter. It's better you know I'm thinking about you rather than feel that I have ignored you.

I guess this is another resolution. I have birthdays upcoming in January. We'll see how well I remember to get the cards out.

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