Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazyness on the Lunch Hour

I'm eating leftovers again and decide, after crunching numbers and listening to myself on tape off and on all morning, I need a palette cleanser for my brain. I head on over to BigFish Games. There's a lot of fun stuff on their web site for very reasonable prices. If you buy enough, you can get games free. Great time wasters, I, time wasters although I do feel challenged when it's a time management game and I can't beat the level.

They have daily games that are free. Sometimes, these are truncated versions of full-size games and it gives you a chance to try out something before you buy it. Sometimes, they are stand-alone games with no purchase available. The one I'm playing now is the latter. If you ever wanted to be a demolition "expert" or if you just wanted to blow things up, this is the game for you.

You can see, below, I'm up to level 10 here. You get a certain number of dynamite bundles that you have to use to take down the building and make sure it collapses below the yellow line. On some levels, there will be a red bar to the right indicating another building. You can't have any piece of the demolished building touch the red one or you have to try again.
You can see where I chose to put my dynamite for this building on this level. Here is the result.

I did it. Yeah, it's a time waster, but I have 4 minutes left on my lunch hour and there's something very satisfying about blowing something up.

It's They are PC AND MAC friendly.

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