Saturday, August 7, 2010

Merci. Danke. Grazie, Dank u. Gracias. Thank you.

In any language, I am overwhelmed.

It started earlier in the week when I received a card from Patt. She sent the gift card shown to the right. I've never met her; I really should rectify that; but we've known each other 25 years. We "met" when she wrote an article for a railroad historical publication I was editing at the time. The town where she lived preserved their railroad depot after the trains pulled up and left and this effort was definitely of interest to the readers of the magazine. She enclosed a note that she wished we could have lunch together when I used the card. My sentiments exactly.

There is a Subway near the house. They opened in what used to me a neighborhood pharmacy. They sent, this week, the flyer advertising their one-year anniversary. Carole is in town for Pete's wedding today. LUNCH! We both got foot longs and a beverage and the total cost was $9.49. I never order a foot long for lunch because I can't eat the whole thing and it seems to get soggy by the end of the day. As we were eating lunch around 2, a foot long seemed appropriate. I wasn't hungry again until around 9, when I made popcorn.

Carole took her car to my mechanic for an oil change. They were busy but they fit her in. She used to go there when she lived here so they wanted to hear about her travels. I had one of their frequent oil change cards which gets you $25 off the price. That usually means their full service oil change is $6. Gee, I just had my oil change a week ago which filled up my card. The owner said, "No charge. You just dropped close to $700 on repairs. An oil change is nothing." They found a very small leak in something in the front but it's nothing that can't be addressed when she gets back to Connecticut.

We go home after she stopped at the office and there is a letter. I thought the handwriting on the front might look familiar, but not really. I open it and here is a Target gift card. My mysterious benefactor has outdone him or herself this time. In purple ink on the back it says, "From someone who has been there".

I don't know who you are and I understand that's probably for the best. I would be seeking ways to repay your kindness in kind and I can't, at least right now. The best I can do is be wise in the use of what you have given me. I am, however, going to get M&M's with part of this. I'm told the new pretzel ones are incredible and I must try them.

Oh! Target sells beer! Rational side of me says, "Beer is NOT a necessity right now. Sheesh."

So there are three wonderful entries in my luck journal. I think about some way to pay this forward, to share this with my friends who are down on their luck. Life is good and fun and I'm content with what I have. Plus, "I get by with a little help from my friends."

Oh yeah.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea


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