Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just doing it.

I'm such a procrastinator. It's terrible really. I have such high hopes when I start something. Then I get sidetracked as one invariably does, and it languishes.

Several years ago, Carole and I created this crescent wreath with silk lilacs. It's one of my favorite door decorations. I don't remember where I saw the original suggestion but it didn't cost much to make.

Over the years, some of the flowers and leaves have broken or fallen off. I would collect these with the idea to just glue them back onto the wreath. The pile has grown rather large of late. I would say a quarter of the flowers have fallen off. There were holes in the decoration. I thought about just tossing the whole thing, but all it needs is hot glue.

Finally, I made myself go get the hot glue and take the time to fix the wreath. It took a half hour. Now it's all fixed and hanging in the basement ready for next year. It wasn't so hard, but sitting down to do it was the kicker.

Now, I'm looking at some of my other craft projects which are in various stages of completion. One of my resolutions was to finish something. Fixing the wreath doesn't qualify as finishing something.

I have this bright idea that I will make my Christmas cards this year. I used to do that and it's comparable in price to buying cards. Plus, you can say exactly what you want to say inside. In order to do this, I'm going to have to clean to find the items I need to make the cards. This is a step in the right direction because I keep meaning to clean in some spots and I never do it. Making cards, like making gifts, like fixing the wreath, is good for me to do.

I'm confident I will find stuff I forgot I had and then wonder why I still have it. Whittling down the piles. This is a very good thing to do.

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