Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Next Read

I finished the ghost book last night. As it turned out, the end of the book was an unabashed advertisement for the religion of Spirituality. Instead of staying with ghosts and legends, it dived into Spirituality and mediums. Perhaps those can be aligned with ghosts but when it started touting mediums as a way to contact your dead ancestors or loved ones, the author's credibility in my eyes tumbled. Take out those 3 chapters and it would be a mildly entertaining read. I'll add it to my collection of Scottish literature to go on the table at Highland games.

What to pick after that? The stacks are tall, about 4 feet tall. There's everything from autobiography to science fiction in the stack. After looking at each book's spine, I chose this.

If you are keeping track, this is book number 4 for this year. It's hardly the pace I would have normally consumed books, but I did finish 5 magazines last month after only reading 3 in June, and I've finished one magazine already in August.

I remembered last week how, earlier in the year, I would come home, grab the paper or a magazine and sit down in the living room to read. Pilchard would jump into my lap and we'd have "us" time. I got away from that but resurrected it last week. She loves it and I do, too.

It really is the purr-fect way to end a day.

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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