Saturday, August 7, 2010

This vexes me #7.

If you're paying attention, I have two number 2 vexes. Rather than go back and correct them, I'm just going to start with the correct number on this one.

I needed vanilla yogurt today to make the dressing for a salad. I wasn't exactly sure how much I needed but it seemed like two 6 ounce containers wasn't enough. It turned out they were plenty so I had one container of vanilla yogurt to eat for lunch today. I like that.

But you know the foil seal that you have to pry off to actually get at the yogurt? You know it kind of 'burps', for lack of a better description? Is anyone else irritated that no matter how carefully you work on prying it off, it always spits two or three small drops of yogurt onto whatever shirt you're wearing? And forget about turning the container around and opening it pointing away from you. That's an exercise in futility, at least it is for me.

I just plan that I don't eat yogurt on days when I have to go some place later, but this vexes me.

Beverage: Dr Pepper


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