Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is it that time already?

One of the craft catalogues I get came yesterday and it was a whole catalogue of Christmas. Everything was on sale. I leafed through it looking at all the wonderful things thinking, "Oooh, Patt would like this. Sheila would like this. Terry would like this." I also knew that even if I had disposable income and could purchase those kits containing an item one of my friends would appreciate, the kit would go in a drawer and would sit. It's a nice idea but the reality is that, as a Sagittarius, I have started so many projects that lie unfinished in a drawer.

I do recall that one of my New Year's resolutions was to finish something, anything, that's been started. I haven't done that. I haven't even considered what I would finish.

There is a small twinge of guilt because crafting used to be relaxing and give me pleasure. With the lack of funds, if I'd actually sit down and finish something I would have Christmas gifts. I have hundreds of magazine accumulated over 30-odd years with thousands of ideas. I just need to decide that's what I'm going to do.

I noticed that Hobby Lobby was promoting their Christmas stuff already. I am not ready to think Christmas. There was more rain this morning. We've had a total of 7 inches so far, over 24 hours. Yes, there's water in the basement. I need to go to the hardware store and get a couple of bags of gravel as there's a couple of holes in the driveway that are nasty with all this rain. It's hard to think that Christmas is a little over 4 months away.

My first Christmas as a married person, we made all our gifts. I started in August and was done by mid-December. It was a delightful Christmas. I am not sure that anything was saved, but there was a sense of accomplishment. The fingers aren't as nimble and the eyes aren't as strong, but a small voice tells me that although the people I'd give something to has expanded, if I just sat down and worked on things, I'd get something for each one of them done. I have, pretty much, everything I need. There would be little to no investment of cash. Just time.

Hmmmm, I do need to take some time off just for me...

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