Saturday, August 7, 2010

Found 'em!

Headed off to Target and there they were. Of course I'm going to get a bag. I did not get the "large" size. I have to check these out to see if I like them. I also got a large bag of my favorite, M&M's with peanut.

So far, they are okay. I have only eaten a handful because I've been busy baking chocolate chip cookies and a blueberry cake in anticipation of Carole's friends coming over. But, as it's now 7:30, that doesn't look likely. Oh well. I can freeze the cake and the cookies in individual servings for my lunch. And yes, an "individual" serving of homemade chocolate chip cookies is, in fact, 8 of them.

I got a real kick out of this label posted on the back of the bag.
I think I have blogged about this in the past. I know that, by law, they have to list calories but come on. If you are buying a bag of M&M's with pretzel insides, you aren't really interested in what the serving size it. Plus, a "serving" is a handful of M&M's. Who eats a handful of M&M's and that's it?

At least I found them and I had a coupon for a $1.00 off the bag. That's a good way to try these.

Beverage: Dr Pepper


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