Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Topless no more.

We are supposed to get rain tonight. That means I have to put the top up.

I have been driving around for 10 days with the top down. It's been wonderful. Even though I don't drive long distances, just the drive to the office and home with the top down has been wonderful.

It's "rained" twice in those 10 days. They were mere showers; over and done in 5 minutes. Last week, I kept a towel by the back door because the dew was pretty heavy and I had to towel off the inside and the front window.

On these days when the temperature is perfect and the sky is clear, I think about hopping into the Jeep and driving in no particular direction. In the past, I might have done that. Picked a direction, say north, and just drove for 3 hours. My neighbor does that on his motorcycle. He takes off about noon and doesn't come back until 6. The only thing you'd really stop for is water and gas.

It's the gas part that stops this idea cold. I really don't have the funds to be out wandering about. While a drive to the Mississippi River or to downstate Springfield or into Indiana or Michigan or up to Milwaukee is easily done, it takes money for the gas, money I don't have. I have to be frugal and only drive topless when I need to. Right now, anyway, my Sunday drive trips are non-existent.

Still, can't beat the pleasure of coming back from a job with the top down, the sun at my back and the wind in my hair. I've never ridden in my Jeep with the top down. I'm always the driver. Wonder if it's just as much fun for a passenger as it is for me?

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