Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Moon

This stuff prevented any sort of view of the full moon while I was awake on Friday night. It did clear off but long after I went to bed.


I've seen some photos taken on Friday night and it would have been an incredible sight. I even remembered to bring the tripod home from work just to take photos.

But, when I got up from the computer at 11:45 to make more tea and saw, in the streetlight to the north of the house, snowflakes ambling down from the sky, I sort of knew I was sunk when it came to viewing the moon. I did check before bed, but it was still very overcast and the radar showed light snow all over the area. Phooey.

Still, this is an interesting snow. It's huge flakes but they are very, very fragile. You can't really pick them up to look at an individual flake without them falling apart. They are very translucent, too.

This kind of snow is easy to clear. I just backed out of the drive and drove off. It's lousy for snowballs, however, because it has no water content.

And yes, if you live where snow is a part of your life, you are very aware of what kind of snow makes the best snowballs. Too wet and it's an ice ball which really, really hurts when it hits and gets you into all sorts of trouble with mom. Plus, your mittens get soggy way too quickly which makes your fingers sting and you have to come inside long before you want to because you've gotten all three pair of gloves wet. Too dry and the snow doesn't pack, doesn't stick together. Some winters, you get maybe one or two really good packing snows. The rest of the time, it's too dry, too cold or not enough to be useful. This year, we've had several good snowball snows.

I miss making snowmen with Carole. We never could make anything that resembled a cat.

Beverage: Christmas Blend tea


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