Friday, January 8, 2010

It's not that bad.

Yet another friend says I need a new purse. I've had this purse for probably 3 years now. I know where everything is. It has pockets for everything I might carry. Nothing is loose and rattling around. The zippers still work. You can see one of the loops that holds the shoulder strap kind of in place has come undone. It's water resistant. I probably paid $20 for it on sale at JC Penney.

I don't get the need for more than one purse. This works for me. Why do I need another? I never go anywhere that would need something more elegant, with maybe sequins or made out of satin.

What do you readers think? Do I need a new purse? If so, why? And "because" is NOT an answer.

Beverage: Assam tea


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