Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gray watch - month 6

I know I'm a month late but I needed someone to take the photo. I feel awkward asking the guys at the office. "Hey, would you mind taking a photo of just my hair please? It's for my blog."

But Jessie and I hug out together this afternoon and I have no compunction about asking her.

I thought wearing my JC Penney ear muffs, which I ADORE, would be good. You can see how long it's gotten since I can't afford a hair cut. If I got it cut, I'm pretty sure there would be no dyed hair left, assuming I got the same cut I usually get.

Right now, it's a bit annoying as I'm not used to shoulder length hair. I often pull it back into a small pony tail, but there are pieces which aren't long enough and don't fit in the rubber band.

Maybe not having cash isn't such a bad thing. I actually don't mind the length and how it looks right now.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea



  1. I really like the length of your hair right now.

  2. It looks good - and if you're going to have long hair, winter is the time to do it.