Monday, January 4, 2010


I went to Jessie's yesterday. We had not hung out together since she moved to a new apartment. It was cold, even for an upper Midwesterner like me. When I got to her apartment at 1:15 p.m., it was 14 degrees but there was a breeze which made the windchill below zero. Frigid is very much an appropriate term.

But I do think I need some of this frosty air. I actually like how crisp it is and how it seems to fill every inch of my lungs when I take in a deep breath. I like to think it flash freezes any nasty bugs that might be lingering in my system and kills them. Dressed properly, I think a walk around the block is a very good thing to do in these frost-bitten days.

What's also incredible is the clarity of the days. Once the clouds moved out, on New Year's Eve, we have been treated to fantastically glorious days of intense sunshine and dazzling blue skies. I took the above photo on the way to Steak 'n Shake, but you can see the blue. If you can find a spot out of the wind, where just the sun shines down on you, it's comfortable, warm even. I like to stand in sheltered areas and let the sun bathe my face.

These days are another reason I am an upper Midwest person. Blue sky, yellow sun, white snow all add up to a beauty I would miss living somewhere else.

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