Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scaring the Cats

Iowa 24 Georgia Tech 14

The girls knew something was up. I was not on the computer. I turned on the TV, something I think I've done exactly 3 other times since they've come to live with me. It was on at 5. I made the leftover pizza and popped a beer and plopped down in the settee to watch TV, something I have never done in their memory.

I started dishes with the intent to get the kitchen cleaned up in the event I would need to bake something for Dan'l. As the game started, Mija jumped into my lap and settled down. Then Iowa scored their first touchdown. I shouted, "Yes". Mija leaped off my lap and bolted down the hall to the bedroom. Ah yes. They have never been exposed to the actual Hawkeye fan, the one who yells at the TV.Pilchard went under the Christmas tree and just watched me.

Once I settled down, Mija came back and Pilchard spent quite a bit of time sitting in my lap. Dang she's heavy. When it appeared Iowa was self-destructing which seems to be, if you've been a fan for any length of time, a genetic trait of football teams, and I grew quiet, expecting us to implode I had both ladies in the settee with me.

But when we scored in the 4th quarter and put the game away, I jumped to my feet cheering. They took off and didn't come back until I was talking to my mother. They are getting ready for bed and so am I.

It was a great game, close, with lots of excitement for both teams. Football season is now officially over. I would like to find $30 so I can get an Orange Bowl Champs tee shirt. It's now time for basketball and that hasn't started out quite so well. My girls will need to get used to me jumping up and down because there's a lot more of that in basketball than in football.

What a great year for Iowa football. It's always great to be a Hawkeye, but it was even sweeter this year.

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