Saturday, January 9, 2010

Status report

It's been 10 days since I posted my resolutions. I've decided that Saturday is a good day to take stock of the week just passed and see how I have done with regards to any of them. I may not do this every Saturday, but I shoveled today and until the aspirin kicks in, I'm stationary.

In review, I resolve to:
  • Read a book a month.
  • Read a magazine a week.
  • Write a friend a real letter once a week.
  • Add one more fruit or vegetable to my daily diet.
  • Pay off one major credit card this year and not use that card for the remainder of the year.
  • Try, in one month, to pay for everything I might need or want, excepting gas, with cash.
  • I will not stay up on work nights past 11:30 p.m.
  • I will finish a craft project that is languishing incomplete in a drawer somewhere.
  • And, most importantly, not get down on myself when I fail to do one of the above.
So how have I done in these past 10 days?
  • I've finished a magazine.
  • I bought juice at the end of last year as well as a 6 pack of V8. I had pears in the fridge and ate one a day until they were gone. I have added frozen vegetables to the few things I have cooked and I'm drinking the V8 as well as having 8 ounces of juice daily. Juice is higher in sugar than the real thing so I won't drink more than 8 ounces daily. But, many health magazines say you can get the same nutrients if you mix the juice with half water. Orange juice does not lend itself to that treatment, but cranberry and cranberry grape certainly do. Plus, it makes the juice last longer. As I look at the lack of money for groceries, making things last longer is good.
  • I have not written letters and I have thank you notes to write.
  • So far, I have not charged anything, even the gas I bought last weekend. This is very good.
  • I have missed two days of not being in bed by 11:30 and I need to work on that. I was really tired the next day.
Baby steps. I remember reading that any change in behavior takes about a month to do. This is a good start for me.

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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