Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some day, I'm building a fort.

It's a testimony to how the economy is not going forward.

We're shipping unused equipment back to our shop facilities in Louisville. We get charged a fee to have equipment on our shelves. In a normal year, we keep three or four pieces of each type of machine we use. As times are not normal by any means, we are looking for ways to cut overhead without cutting jobs. Shipping unused stock back to the shop is one way.

There are 4 more machines in my office awaiting clean out and they, too, will be headed out the door in big brown boxes. I'm sure Robin, our UPS guy, was more than a little surprised. He shouldn't have been. We had to call the shop and have them ship us the empty boxes as we didn't have any to ship equipment to them.

I'll believe the economy has turned around when we call the shop in a panic and ask for 10 machines to come next day.

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