Monday, January 25, 2010

She wuvs me.

This past weekend marked a great change in Pilchard. I have taken to coming home, doing a couple of household chores and then sitting down in the settee in the living room to play with them and read a bit. Pilchard has started to come sit in my lap for upwards of 30 minutes. In fact, when I came home on Friday and didn't sit down in the settee, she followed me around meowing. I scratch ears and chin and back and the base of her tail. After about 30 minutes, she gets up and walks off.

So, I'm sitting at the computer late Friday night. She hops up into the chair next to me, stands on my right leg, looks at me and starts meowing. Now, 16 pounds of cat standing on your leg is not the most comfortable thing ever. I raised up my arms so she could see my lap. She climbed in and sat down. Immediately, she looked up at me with this very contented, self-satisfied look on her face.

But imagine trying to type at your computer with a pillow in front of you. I may have my office chair at a good height but my computer desk is not the best in the world. Add a cat in my lap, particularly one who expects ear and chin scratches and I'm not typing or pushing buttons in my game very well. My online gaming friends know my productivity will be lessened when I type, "COL". She leaves after about 30 minutes, sometimes less depending upon what I'm trying to do while she's lying there.

This happened every time I spent more than an hour at the computer. She would come in and demand my lap. This is new and it's not unwelcome. I think it's another example of feeling comfortable in my house. Mija will come and sit in my lap occasionally but she hasn't taken to lying down in it.

It's a wonderful feeling knowing the big black cat is happy.

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