Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't get gadget lust. I generally don't want the newest and fastest and first one on the block thing because I'd rather wait until the bugs are out. And I'm getting, more and more, to be of the "if it ain't broke, don't 'fix' it" opinion.



for the new Apple gadget whose name I really, really, really don't like.

Never mind that it's probably a glorified iPhone. I don't have one of those. I find it a mite confusing. If someone wanted to give me an iPhone and pay for it and then show me how to use it, I'd take it, but I won't get one on my own. I have an iPod that I have used exactly 7 times. It's buried on the table in the office.

I think I would use this. It's supposed to be really light-weight and, having had to lug laptops around for work, light-weight is attractive. The bigger screen with similar controls to an iPhone is attractive to me. Would I watch video on it? I might although I don't watch movies on my mac. That's why I have a DVD player.

So, I'm wishing I had a lot of disposable income right now because I certainly would be one of the people at the store the first day you could get these. They just need to change the name. It conjures up all sorts of images I don't want.

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  1. remember when you go to the store for groceries, buy a cheap as possible beef roast and cut it into stew meat yourself. waaaay cheaper than already cut. how about cherry jello,cinnamon candy,celery,apple,nuts. or tapioca pud,orange jello,orange juice,mandarin oranges,cool whip. or raspberry jello,cranberry sauce,crushed pineapple,orange juice,lemon juice,nuts. green jello always gets pears. must be one of those Lutheran rules. love mom