Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Change the ph, change your color.

Carole will recognize this, sort of. She bought this hydrangea plant in 2006. In the container, it was a delicate sky blue. We were told to watch the ph of the soil to keep it blue.


I suppose, if I did some research, I could do that. It wouldn't be that hard. It's actually quite striking of itself. It's the only thing blooming in that overgrown section of the yard so it stands out against a palette of greens. The flower head is the size of a softball, too. There are two large stems on this plant now. I should clear everything around it, should being the operative word this year.

I think we've had just enough rain for the flowers to flourish. Nature is lush and green although I've been told it's been a bit too chilly for the corn to develop properly in the fields. I didn't get my usual $100 worth of flowers for the back deck this year. I was sick and I really couldn't afford it. I might have missed out on a great growing season.

However, with the blooming of this hydrangea, I'm reminded that I can find flowers for enjoyment elsewhere. As I said before, my pseudo-prairie is blooming well this year. I have lots of stargazer lilies and phlox. The yard is more pink and white than anything else.

Yeah, things are pretty overgrown and I really don't have the energy to tackle a weeding project. Get a season behind in your weeding and you're effectively set back 5 years. Oh well. I've got a lovely habitat for crickets.

And Pam told me that bug catcher thingee in my neighbor's yard is to catch Japanese beetles. I happened to see in the paper where entomologists (not etymologists) said the Japanese beetle season is waning already and there were less this year than in several previous ones. Does that mean their won't be as many skunks digging up my yard looking for grubs or exploding at a raccoon when the breeze carries the aroma into the house?

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