Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicagoland, we are finally topless!

After much waiting and watching and wondering, the top finally came off at noon when I ran over to Dominicks to get lunch. I took the windows off earlier but I can't take the top down in the morning because keeping dew trapped against the canvas is not a good thing. I'm out of dish detergent so I had to go to the grocery. I took the top down.

I know. I know. Photos or it didn't happen. I'll take some at home.

I couldn't take it off back in May because I was sick and didn't want the air rushing about my face. Since getting well in June, I have waited for a string of nice days in a row. Although it's harder to put it back up than to take it down, I don't want to take it down one day and have to put it up that night because it's going to rain. The repeated folding is not good for the top.

I know it's to be nice tomorrow and the long-term forecast doesn't call for rain until next Tuesday. Now I need to grab someone and go for a ride!

Finally, a chance to use the new visor I got when I visited Carole in Seattle.

Beverage: Heck, Lunch: Salad, cheese bagels, lemon cookies and Dr. Pepper.


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