Sunday, August 23, 2009

Working forward

"We think we 'pick out' our pets, but I think they pick us out."

My sister's words in a card to me.

I think she's right. Shakespeare fell asleep in my arms when we went to see him at the pet store. Penney rolled over and let me rub her belly the first time we met her. Half-Pint followed us around my mother's kitchen when we met her and Betsy chose to give birth to Rascal in the junk pile of the people next door to us. I think they all 'picked' us because they knew they would be cared for and about.

All the dry cat food is gone, eaten by the denizens who inhabit the neighborhood. I did find partial bags of treats while looking for something else. I will put those out tonight and they will be gone in the morning. The last cans of Fancy Feast have been sent to where they can be used.

I removed the litter box and used litter and have washed the floors in that room, my bedroom and the hall. I have this office, the bathroom, the livingroom and the kitchen to wash.

I need to start washing litter boxes. I do that by sprinkling Oxy-Clean over the bottom and a smattering of dish detergent and then putting the box in the bottom of the tub into which the washing machine drains. Soak and scrub and it's clean.

I'm still lonely. I could have sworn last night I heard each cat, in turn, making noise in typical fashion. I got up at least 3 times to investigate a noise that was, at turns, familiar and unfamiliar. Was that someone jumping into the papasan chair? Was that a meow from the kitchen at the back door? Was that footfalls in the hallway? It was a fitful sleep until I think I simply willed myself asleep.

The flowers are starting to wilt around the edges. By the end of this week, I will be putting them in the compost pile. By the end of this week, all the floors will be washed. The ache in my heart is still very acute and I can tear up at the slightest memory. I thought of taking down the photos I have of each one, but I think I need to see those, to remember.

The weather is to be glorious for a few days. I'm taking down the top so I can feel the sun and the wind.

"You will eventually get 'picked out' again." Of that, I have no doubt.

Beverage: real cherry Coke


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