Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It'll take how long?

My TechTools software order was waiting inside the front door yesterday when I got home from work. Quick blog post. Quick signing onto the game to tell everyone that I was going to defragment my hard drive and I'd be back on when I could. Then crack open the box and get going.

I ran the first recommended scans which took an hour each. Then I did the small scans. After that, I had to boot from the Tech Tools disc so I could run the deep scans and defragment. I fixed file defragmentation which resulted in a gain of 2 GB of disc space. I was falling asleep at this point, nodding off in my chair while watching the graphics on the screen. But then that finished and the next big thing was to completely defragment the main hard drive.

Now, Perry's defragmentation took 30 hours. I have a big guild event on Wednesday and I wanted my computer to be optimized for that. If it's going to be a 30 hour event for me, too, I needed to get started on it.

You get this bar graph and a percentage number before you start which give you an idea of fragmentation. I had bars all over the place and the program said my hard drive was 82% fragmented. Okay. I'm not a computer whiz over here, but that can't be good. Push the button marked "Defragment the hard drive" and off it goes. This was 10:20 p.m. last night. I went to bed.

When I got up this morning, it was done! Just like that. I ran a couple more scans before heading off to work. When I left, it was fixing disc permissions, whatever that means. I noticed I got back another 2 gigs of hard drive space from the optimization. That's 4 gigs just doing this. I'll take that.

When I get home tonight, I need to do more wash. I'm low on pants. Then I can install the free antivirus Perry recommended and I should be good to go again. I have a Mac because it doesn't require much hand-holding. Now that I've done this, I'm tempted to get the new software upgrade, nicknamed Snow Leopard. But let's wait and see what kind of speed increase I get. Maybe I'd be better off getting more memory?

If only that were true for me.

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