Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's August. They don't call them the "dog days" for nothing.

Last night, it got down to 58. You read that right.

50 + 8 degrees. I have my house windows closed. My feet are chilled to the bone. I have been drinking hot tea like there is no tomorrow.

At 9:24 p.m. on Saturday, August 22, 2009, it is 64.


I don't EVER remember an August this cool. Cool nothing. This is COLD. It would definately be a 5 cat night. In fact, I remember wandering about the house looking for them to cover them with a towel to make sure they were warm. I'm going to have to wear socks to bed.

In August and not because my feet were dry and I had to put lotion on them.

Do I turn on the heat just to remove the chill?

In August?

Beverage: Assam


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