Thursday, August 13, 2009

This could be good.

Not to give too much away, but a job from Northeast Iowa landed in our lap for bid this afternoon.

I know exactly where it is and I know the company putting out the bid. When we would go visit my late in-laws, we would go right by the company's offices.

If we get the job, it's going to require at least one trip out there to do some inspections and set up equipment and one trip out there to monitor the initial blast.

I'm excited. It's near my hometown, not that I have anyone I'd visit there other than the graves of my relatives. I know that probably sounds morbid, but I have yet to find my great-great grandmother, Anna's grave. It's in the oldest part of the cemetery. If I have some down time, I should put flowers on my dad's grave and see if I can find Anna's grave.

Plus, if this goes into a weekend, I can watch on local TV my Iowa Hawkeyes play football. Depending upon the time frame, this could happen during the fall when the trees explode in color beyond your dreams. "Autumn in New York" is an old jazz standard. It's nothing compared to autumn in Northeast Iowa. We like to say God made New England first and then made Northeast Iowa to do it right.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Beverage: Blackberry Sage tea


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