Sunday, August 30, 2009


What is with this weather. It's to get down to 41 tonight.


That's one more than forty and one less than forty-two.

But it's Chicagoland...and we should be cooking eggs on asphalt even with September a day away.

I have had the heat on since Friday night. I just could not keep it off. Chicagoland.

I paid bills today. My electric bill was $54.10 for August. I think it might have been that back in 1985, before rate increases doubled it. I think I ran the AC for 5 days at the beginning of the month. Betsy seemed to do better when the interior air temperature was around 75. We had some hot and humid days and some things you do for your cats, like leave a small portable space heater running in your home office for the entire month of February minus the days you were gone to a convention. That electric bill was...well...astounding.

Off to Iowa tomorrow to fix these machines that won't call in.

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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