Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is why I go there.

It's not a question you ask when you are out shopping for a vet. At that time, when the new member of the family is little or, at the very least, just new to you, what you don't think about is when it comes to the end of your four-legged friend's time with you. How does that vet treat you and your pet?

In 1986, when Shakespeare was 6 weeks old, I picked Animal Medical Clinic because they were close to where I live.

This arrived at the house for me. While the photo is beautiful, it really doesn't do justice to the flowers. I'll take one tomorrow in the natural daylight. I went out to eat tonight with Pam (which is a blog post, in and of itself, for tomorrow). They were dropped off with a neighbor and I retrieved them when we came back after dinner.

I have received flowers before, for the deaths of the others. You saw the card they sent for Rascal and I received one yesterday for Betsy. They make a donation to the local zoo in memory of your pet.

They don't have to do this and, cynically, I am probably paying for this out of fees charged. But, as the tears flow, yet again, I am reminded that there are people who understand that these weren't merely cats. These were members of my family and grief for them is as real as grief for someone else.

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