Monday, August 31, 2009


I was in Iowa today to get those two machines in Fort Madison up and running again. Gorgeous day, simply gorgeous. The driver's and passenger's side windows are off. I have to remember to grab a towel to wipe off the dew in the morning. It's not supposed to get as chilly; 45 instead of 41.

I went to the clinic and picked up Betsy's ashes tonight. She's home with Rascal and Penney and Shakespeare. I so wanted there to be a face at the back door. I so wanted to see Rascal in the living room window as I pulled in the drive. I wanted to hear the familiar meows of cats complaining because I had been gone all day; leaving early and getting back late; and they were hungry and I'd better do something about it rightnow.

There were more noises over the weekend, little things. Maybe it's Betsy and Rascal saying they are happy. They are with Shakespeare and Penney and Half-Pint now. Betsy and Penney and Half-Pint can find all the spots of sunshine, lie in those and never have to worry about getting stepped on or having to move because the sun moves. Shakespeare can sleep in his very own papasan chair without anyone moving him. And Rascal can sit in all the windowsills she wants and watch for me to come home.

Tonight, I miss them all so very, very much.

Beverage: water and tears


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