Friday, May 1, 2015


I was preparing to take the cat box downstairs but hadn't yet. I left the back door open so the girls could come outside and get some fresh air. First Mija came out.

She didn't go all the way inside. She just sniffed from outside the box. Then, Pilchard came out and did the same thing.

I hadn't given them a chance to check out the box when I made it. My thought was the cat outside wouldn't use the box if there was the scent of other cats on the inside. As my primary concern was for the outside cat, I just let the girls sniff a bit before setting it on the deck. I haven't seen the outside cat since right after the new year. It's been in my mind, particularly through the harsh cold of February, but there's never been any sign that it returned until this morning.

The bedding inside was all upended and mussed about. I know this cedar bedding was not outside the container when I went to bed last night. Something is using the box. Neither girl has been upset in the evenings or mornings lately so whatever it is, and I'm open to the idea that it's not a cat, hasn't come to the back door to look in when my girls have been looking out. So, I guess I'm not putting this in the basement just yet.

Beverage:  Dunkin Donuts tea


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