Sunday, May 3, 2015

You Pick Two

So, I went to Planter's Palette on Saturday, to pick up my free flowers, won by liking and sharing a post on Facebook. I don't have a lot of faith in those "like and share for a chance to win" posts, even though this one was from a business I know and support. I have to admit, when I saw my name, I had to look, look again and then a third time because I didn't really believe it was me. "I know that name. Wait..." I figured I'd stroll up and have a choice between a couple of preplanted containers that I could just plop onto the deck. I've been mentally arranging all my pots and what I want where. I'd been planning to go to PP anyway as I need begonias for the front pots and more potting soil for the ones I'm keeping. This worked out fine. 

Imagine my surprise when Diane told me I could have my choice of two (!!!!!) preplanted containers. These are designed to be broken apart and the flowers used to fill in or form your own containers at home. TWO of them! And look at my choices. There were at least 2 dozen on this display and I get two (!!!) free.

They are regularly priced at $25 each container.

These are huge; maybe 5 gallon pots. If you bought the plants separately contained in them, you'd be spending way more than the $25 price tag and I get two of them.

It took me a good 15 minutes, but I selected these two.

I really like that dark-leaved plant. No clue what it is, but I like the juxtaposition of the dark with the light.

I mowed the lawn and did a couple other things and didn't have the energy to break these up. I got my begonias, a couple of sweet potato vines and another white geranium. The one I've overwintered all these years is not doing well. I'll combine the two in the pot.

I've never been a big fan of the spiky stuff in containers. Designed to raise the visual height of the plantings, to me, those items seem to be more fluff than flowers. I'm not sure whether I'll save the ones I have in the pot I received or if those will be given away. I have to see how things fit. I did, however, fall in love with these.

With the sunlight shining on them, they just glowed. They are $6.00 each, but if I could have afforded it, I would have purchased one in every color. This is the kind of thing I'll happily put in a pot of flowers. Kitchy, yeah. I got a green and an orange one.

Something else I wish I could afford is one of these.

However, the littlest ones, like the one with the hands sort of over his eyes, was $50. One of the small ones would be so cute in amongst the flower pots on the deck. They are heavy. The little one weighs a good 5 pounds, but oh the cute. 
I was wandering about and found these statues.

I really like the piglet. I didn't pick one up to see how much it cost. After the $50 of the dragon, I decided I didn't want to be disappointed by finding out the pig was $40. 
So now comes the stuffing of the containers. I promised a cousin that she could have all my extra pots. That may come in fall. I'm really thrilled. What a wonderful way to start Saturday.
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