Monday, May 11, 2015

I Know That Face

Might this look familiar?

It's from a web site, One Drawing Daily. I don't remember where I stumbled onto the artist's offer to draw a pet from submitted photos, but I thought, "Let's see what he does with a black cat". I sent in the photo.

Later that day, I realized I hadn't given the artist Pilchard's name and I wasn't where I could stop and amend the post. Poof. The need to provide a name was forgotten. Then, the artist went to Rome and I really forgot all about this, until this morning when the drawing came through my Facebook feed.

You must go to his web page, link above, and look through the drawings. He's amazingly talented. It's a gray, drizzly morning in Chicagoland. It needs to stop raining so I can mow my lawn. This was a fantastic splash of sunshine.

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