Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Couple More Days of Stitching

Butterflies are flitting across the fabric in the hoop.

I've spent concentrated time just stitching when I get home from work. Oh there are other things that demand attention, such as the wash and not having any spoons, but 90 minutes spent with color and butterflies makes the cares of the day lift.

I know it doesn't look like I did anything different on the design from the top photo, but there are two additional dark purple butterflies at the upper left. I have one more to do in the dark purple and then I'll move to the area above the large butterfly. There is one to put in that location and I think, after that, I have to realign the hoop. I don't want to do pieces and then move the hoop.

I'm still debating about the outlining in the pattern. I think, once all the butterflies are done, I'll add the bodies, delineated by a line of stitching, and see if that's enough. What I'm liking is the delicate nature and colors of the design. Outlining can call attention to sections. I'm just not sure. First step is to finish the overall design and then assess.

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