Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a Blessing

In the struggle to open jars, I've not spent a lot of time looking for items which could assist in that endeavor. I think about it but usually when I'm supremely frustrated with whatever it is I can't get open. Wash cloths and dish towels just don't seem to provide the right grip. So, I bring the item into the office and endure the mild ribbing that comes from a guy who pops open jars all the time.

My friend, Meredith, decided this just would not do. She took it upon herself to wander about and search the aisles of a variety of stores looking for something that would help me get lids off. She wound up at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wouldn't have thought of this place as it's a bit of a drive to get to the nearest one and it's located not in a spot I frequent.

Sometimes I feel like a Luddite. Modern technology can be overwhelming. "The good old days" can seem a simpler time when our senses weren't assaulted with information, most of which we don't need. But, thanks to the very technology that is everywhere, she sent me a photo from her iPhone of the jar openers Bed, Bath and Beyond had available. There were some bandy things that didn't look real promising for me. Then she sent a photo of these. When I think of grips, this is what I think of.

There are three sizes in the package. This looks promising, but will it work.

Here is the juice. These bottle have stymied me. This is the third one I haven't been able to open. I thought the first two were a fluke but no, something about the seal V8 puts on these bottles makes it impossible for me to open right now. This will be an adequate test of the ability of these pieces of rubber to assist in opening jars and bottles. I used the cone-shaped one for this.

Viola. Opened with very little effort, too, I might add.

Meredith, you have no idea, well, scratch that, you probably do have an idea how happy this has made me. Eventually, I would have stumbled upon these on my own but not before feeling my independence slowly eroding at the edges. I am hugely, hugely grateful for smart friends who know where to look and what to look for. I poured myself a big tall glass of juice last night and savored every sip.

Next up is a jar of applesauce.

Beverage:  Earl Gray tea


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