Sunday, March 4, 2012


Over a year ago, I filled out forms and enclosed paperwork to join a class action lawsuit against Fifth Third. This lawsuit claimed that Fifth Third knowingly withheld deposits which would have covered withdrawals in order to have people be overdrawn and, thereby, to rake in fees. As a victim of this practice but lacking in any sort of funds to start a lawsuit of my own, I willfully jumped into this.

Of course Fifth Third denied the claim but they set aside a goodly sum, not princely, but goodly, for the courts to administer. If you provided documentation, and I had everything except the very first statement, you 'could' get up to 3 times your bank fees back. My settlement came yesterday.

"Dear Claimant. The amount of valid claims received exceeds the amount in the Net Settlement Fund. Therefore, all claims have received a pro rata distribution based on the final numbers, as contemplated under the Settlement Agreement."

Now, I could go off on a rant about lawyer fees. I could go off on a rant about how it should have been obvious when the case was granted 'class action' status, that the goodly amount set aside really needed to be a princely amount. I could rant about how the settlement papers never should have promised up to three times your fees back. I won't. Gratitude.

I got enough to save, get a haircut, buy groceries and pay the specialist in a week. It's enough. Yes, I admit to having hopes, based on the original paperwork, that it would be more, but it is not. I am grateful for what I have received.

I think Fifth Third is horrid and I would never, in a million years, recommend them to anyone. They cost me dearly. They go back on their word and they never admit they are wrong. They never, ever worked with me in this mess and blamed everything on me when even the paperwork showed it wasn't my fault.

That is my rant. I am over and done. I am grateful I got what I did. I am also grateful this ends my association with them and I can move forward.

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