Friday, March 16, 2012

A Centenary

I couldn't let the 100th birthday of Oreo cookies go by unblogged. I've expended some energy and a bit of mileage in an attempt to find a package of their birthday cake Oreos. No store around me seems to have carried them. They know "of" them, but they never got a shipment. That's too bad. I wanted to try them. So, I bought a package of these.

Meh. Shrug. They twist apart the same as the familiar black and white Oreos, but they are rather blah in taste. Even dunked in ice cold milk didn't make them stellar.

Oreos are black and white. Maybe I'll allow double stuffing, but that makes them hard to twist apart and peel the stuffing out in one strip. Oh come on. I know you do that too on occasion.

For kicks and giggles, here's the Oreo Personality Test. (Turn your sound down. The music here is very annoying.) I eat Oreos a variety of ways and it depends upon my mood. Last night, I dunked and ate. The night before, I twisted, ate the inside and then the cookie. The night before that, I twisted, ate the top cookie and then ate the bottom with the inside. I'm not sure what that says about my personality; perhaps that I'm 'twisted'.

Happy birthday, Oreos. I probably won't have another package in the house now for the rest of the year.

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