Thursday, March 29, 2012

Visiting Ohio: Souvenirs

In a past incarnation of myself, I had to have a souvenir of every trip. I used to collect bells; those small, dinner bell-type things that are in most any souvenir shop wherever you chance to go. Emblazoned with the location of your choice, they are generally small and a decent memento of crossing the threshold of Dollywood or standing at the brink of the Grand Canyon.

Years of collecting even small items gradually builds up a large collection. I quit collecting bells about 8 years ago. I have no place to put them. A few of the recent purchases and gifts are scattered about the house, but I don't remember when the last time was I actually bought a bell with a place name on it. I have a medium-sized box in the basement with my collection. I only think about it when I have to move the box.

In this digital age, photos are a better choice for mementos. Oh I'll pick up something that tickles my fancy and it may or may not have the location's name on it, but I lean, more and more, to the photo side of things. You can't bring back the color of the sky or the view from the Interstate as you head into that river valley unless you take a photo. And, when I look at a photo, I can remember what I was doing at that time. I look at a bell and think, souvenir stand. Not quite the same.

Sometimes, something just jumps out at you as an item you need to take home. April and I were walking through the Giant Eagle grocery store. I needed to get milk to take my prednisone. They don't have milk in their house. As we passed through one of the sections of the store on the way back to the check out, I saw my souvenirs.

They were 79 cents each. Plus, I have never seen this fragrance in my stores. I need shampoo and conditioner anyway. Score!

Beverage: Edinburgh's Finest tea


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