Friday, March 30, 2012

How Many Years Has it Been?

I think the best car I have ever had has been this Jeep. It fits me. I am defined by it and it defines me. It's got rusting and rotted patches and a soft top that is in desperate need of replacement. If given the choice between $2,000 for a down payment on a new car or $2,000 to replace the rust and the top, I would make the repairs. If I won the lottery and could buy a brand, spankin' new Jeep, I'd want to replace as close to what I have as I could get. With all the trials and tribulations of the knees and the arthritis, I cannot imagine having to get down into a car and then have to get back up out of it. The height of the Jeep means I get to slide right over, no getting up or down. That has been invaluable through all of this.

When I first got it, I had a terrible time hanging onto the gas cap. People suggested getting a locking one but that would just compound the problem. There is no real logical place to sit the cap. In the first 3 years, I think I went through 10 caps and I'm not kidding. I would buy two of them when I went to replace a lost one because I just knew I'd lose it again.

Then, I hit on the idea of setting the cap on the taillight. It's just wide enough for the cap to rest there. Fill up. Put the cap back on and go. I hadn't lost a cap in years.

Until I drove to Ohio.

I didn't notice it missing because I didn't drive anywhere after I got to April and Perry's. It sat in the driveway from Saturday night to Tuesday morning. I got out to fill up the tank and oops.

It made me laugh. I had to have left it at Tiffin River, where I stopped just inside Ohio. I had gotten into a routine. Remove cap. Place on taillight. Fill. Replace cap. Go. Something distracted me between the fill and replace cap and I drove off with the cap on the taillight.

Oh well. $9.79 later, I have a new gas cap. I did not buy a second one. I'll be checking to make sure I have it on before driving away.

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