Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ready for the Year

I decided, with all this incredibly mild, warm even, weather, the geraniums I overwinter could be moved to the deck now, in spite of my misgivings that this is merely March and not the end of April when they would be more safe from the weather. I have three geraniums I overwinter, a pink, a salmon-colored ivy-leaf and a white one. At least, I think it's white. I can never remember until it blooms and then I say, "Oh yeah."

All I did was stick them where they could get sun and water them every other week, or less, depending upon when I remembered. They get a good clean out come spring, with removal of dead leaves and flowers. The pink one, which is the oldest and biggest, was the most in need of a cleaning. I also prune any dead branches. Right around mid-May, I will trim them back, cutting the height by a third to force them to branch out. I think the pink one is 5-6 years old now. My grandfather had a geranium that was 3' wide by 4' tall. It sat in his south living room window. He never moved it as the planter was too heavy. He simply pruned it back in the spring, removed dead leaves and flowers and watered it. It was the 'benign neglect' form of plant care. I forget how old he said it was.

I'm hoping I can find the cash to add to the geraniums this year. These three desperately need a repotting, but that's not going to happen until the hand problem eases. The twisting of the wrists as I do something like repotting is just too painful at the moment. I'd love to add a red and a deeper pink to the colors. I had this beautiful dark purple ivy-leaf branching geranium for a couple years, but those are quite delicate and 'benign neglect' doesn't work well with them. I'd like a few more flowers in pots this year, too, but so much will depend upon the state of finances as well as the state of hands.

I need to be out on the deck more this year, enjoying life outside and not be inside. The girls won't come out and leave the deck. In fact, they will come out for about 30 minutes and then go inside whether I do or not. Gotta love indoor cats.

I want to create a space again, as I used to, where being outside was being surrounded by color. That makes me happy. That gives me joy. I've started. Small steps to making this happen.

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