Thursday, December 1, 2011

What A Way to Start A Month!

I woke up today after having a somewhat fitful night, wondering just what it was going to be like, trying to stand after having my knees worked on. There were times, last night, where it felt that nothing had really changed. The ache behind my left knee was pretty much gone, but the pain on the sides of my knees and the sharp twinges I would get while walking or standing had not eased. I decided that removing the ache from my left knee was a victory and the rest of this, well, there are people who live with worse pain. I will survive. I still needed the cane to stand up on occasion and to get myself going.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and prepared to stand. This has become a 5 minute process of psyching myself up to put weight on my feet and shove myself up with my arms. There had been times when I seriously considered lying on the floor and dragging myself to the bathroom to stand up via the tub and then the sink, the pain of getting to a standing position was that great. That pain leaves a memory and this morning, I dreaded standing.

Mija loves to circle my legs when I'm contemplating getting up. She purrs and purrs and I scratch ears and chin and the base of her tail. She is such a comfort. It still doesn't stop the pain when I stand but being adored by a purring cat is a great way to start a day.

This morning, we did our scratching ritual and I said, "Well, mom's got to stand up now." I started pushing myself to a standing position and realized, there was no pain in my left knee. None. I stood up, turned and walked into the living room. Yesterday, I grabbed the headboard of the bed, then the doorknob of the bedroom door and then the cane and shuffled down the hallway. Today, I walked. I didn't shuffle.

I am thrilled. There is still an ache behind the right knee cap, but that is a minor inconvenience. Getting into and out of the shower did not involve physically picking up my left leg because bending the knee was painful. Putting my pants on and getting into the Jeep this morning did not hurt. I could sit down and eat my cereal, stand up and walk into the kitchen without stopping to let the pain go away. Today is a new day. Draining the fluid and the cortisone shots have worked.

I do have the cane with me right now. I did go down the deck stairs one at a time. I am not dancing in the hallway at the office. I am going to go slow. I'm going to Subway for lunch to celebrate and Pam and I are going out for dinner tonight. I'm going to have dessert for sure now!

Beverage:  Gingerbread Spice tea


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