Sunday, December 18, 2011


We've had our first measurable snow of the season. There was talk of how late that even might come. The latest date on record for the first snow is December 16th. At the rate we were NOT going into the thirties, there was the thought we might break that.

The first snow of 2011-2012 was on December 9th.

I can handle or, more appropriately, not handle this. I brushed off the Jeep and left everything else lie. 

We received another inch overnight Friday into Saturday. 

Again, I didn't handle it. It will be 90% gone by evening tonight, anyway. 

The weather people are saying 50-58 inches in my neck of the woods this winter. If we assume "winter" constitutes December through mid-March, that's about 106 days to spread this nearly 6 feet across. The Jeep and I can handle up to 4 inches without shoveling, although I should still shovel the driveway apron to prevent ice patches from forming. If 4 inches was the maximum we receive all winter, I can handle this. 

I took a deep breath, brushed off the Jeep, and headed out for my Saturday errands. This is the easy part. 

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