Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stitching in a Losing Cause

Iowa football has finally ended for the year. There were no miracles to be had this time, as we saw in the last two bowl games they attended. I couldn't find the game on free TV, but ESPN streamed it live. Most of the time, the video was crystal clear. Sometimes, it was fuzzy and, toward the end of the game, the scripts for the car commercials, particularly Lexus, would cause my computer to freeze. I'd have to exit ESPN and the Internet and start up again. I missed an Oklahoma field goal, which, one could argue, is a good thing.

All the while I sat here, I cross-stitched. This project goes much faster than I expected. I think I shall put up my feet tomorrow afternoon, pop on some football and stitch some more.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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