Friday, December 30, 2011

The First Project of 2012

Sometimes I'm organized. I know that's hard to believe, but sometimes I am. I've picked out the next cross-stitching project.

It will be done on a light blue fabric. The photo I'm following shows the project stitched on 25-count cream colored fabric, stitched over two threads. I've never had luck being able to stitch on that kind of fabric so I've gone with a plain old 14-count cloth. I bought this chunk of blue a long time ago and it seems to be the perfect color for the design.

Once I picked out the pattern, I assembled the floss. I have 4 containers of DMC floss. I had, of the dozen colors needed for this, exactly three. Thank goodness after Christmas sales mean I can get floss for less but still, I thought I had every color from white through DMC's 3200 numbers. I'm wondering if I will find these "missing" colors when I start going through the pile of incomplete projects. That's going to be a resolution this year, to finish at least 2 of the projects that are in various stages of completion.

I spent Wednesday night winding the floss onto bobbins. This keeps the colors separated and neat. Winding thread onto the bobbins attracted the attention of the BBC who likes my lap when I come home from work. I managed to get all the new colors wound without her "help".

So, last night, I started. Iowa plays in the Insight Bowl tonight. this will be a good thing to do while keeping tabs on the football game. Plus, I might even, over the next few days, watch TV and stitch. I think the project will go quickly.

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